Versatility of medical electrospinning

VIVOLTA’s proprietary medical electrospinning technology can create nano- and micro-fiber materials with unique properties that other manufacturing process cannot.

Electrospun nano- and micro-fiber materials can serve as scaffolds in the body, helping to restore healthy tissue at the site of injury or disease and accelerate healing. Other manufacturing processes cannot match the small size scale and precise arrangement of electrospun fibers that is essential for mimicking the architecture of native human tissue and guiding optimal healing. Because of these unique characteristics, electrospun materials can add value to a wide variety of medical implants with the goal of improving clinical outcomes and patient care. 

VIVOLTA can design and manufacture electrospun medical components in a wide variety of shapes and forms using both natural and synthetic materials.

Tubes, sheets, and even complex 3D forms such as heart valves are all possible. In concert, material attributes like fiber size, porosity, thickness, and mechanical properties can all be engineered to meet the requirements of the medical product at hand. 

Tuneable fiber

Fully tunable fiber size and porosity:

Electrospun materials can be engineered to guide tissue healing as a scaffold or barrier.

Biomechanical properties.

Unique biomechanical properties:

Electrospun materials can be designed to be elastomeric, isotropic, anisotropic, compressible, and suturable.

composite fibers

Composite, eluting fibers:

Electrospun fibers can be loaded with APIs for controlled, localized drug delivery.

costomizable form

Customizable form:

Tubes, meshes, or complex 3D shapes are all possible using VIVOLTA’s medical electrospinning technology

resorbable non-resorsable

Bioresorbable and biostable

Bioresorbable electrospun materials avoid infection through tissue remodeling, while biostable electrospun materials resist fibrosis by guiding healing

natural synthetic

Natural and synthetic:

Natural materials like collagen and synthetic materials like polyurethanes are all suitable for medical electrospinning.

VIVOLTA has extensive experience electrospinning a large selection of medical materials.

VIVOLTA has a broad portfolio of medical materials ranging from biostable to bioresorbable, natural and synthetic, and we can even electrospin API-loaded fibers for advanced therapeutic devices. With this toolbox, nearly any set of design requirements can be achieved. Moreover, VIVOLTA helps to consolidate our clients’ supply chains by offering an extensive list of off-the-shelf polymers with established clinical track records of safety from globally respected suppliers.

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