Advantages of medical electrospinning

Electrospun biomaterials integrate with the body and accelerate healing

Electrospun biomaterials are particularly useful in implantable medical products because their fibrous architecture mimics the native extracellular matrix of human tissue. When this architecture is carefully engineered, electrospun biomaterials promote new tissue ingrowth and revitalization of damaged tissue, thereby accelerating healing. Moreover,  electrospun biomaterials typically avoid an adverse fibrotic response and resulting scar tissue formation inside the patient endemic to traditional materials. 

fibrotic response figure

VIVOLTA’s electrospun biomaterials can be engineered to serve as bioinstructive scaffolds, guiding the body to heal itself.

VIVOLTA has deep experience electrospinning both non-resorbable and resorbable medical grade polymers. Using resorbable polymers, VIVOLTA can design electrospun medical implants to be partially or fully resorbed by the body in a safe manner. Electrospun medical implants can be engineered to resorb at a similar rate to the formation of newly restored tissue grown throughout the implant, then safely disappear as the body gradually absorbs the implant.

resorption graphic

Medical Electrospinning Is Now Scalable

Despite the clear utility of medical electrospinning, the major drawback of this technology has historically been lack of consistency, lack of scalability, high scrap-rates, and prohibitively high costs. VIVOLTA has solved these problems with the invention of the MediSpinTM platform – the world’s first and only fully automated, high-throughput medical electrospinning production system – delivering electrospun medical products at the consistency, scale, and price point required by the medical industry.

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Medical electrospinning is a versatile manufacturing process capable of achieving a wide range of design requirements

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