Medical Electrospinning

Medical electrospinning is a specialized manufacturing process used to produce nano- and micro-fiber materials.

Electrospun materials are particularly useful in implantable medical products because their fibrous architecture mimics the native extracellular matrix of human tissue. When this fibrous architecture is carefully engineered, electrospun materials promote new tissue ingrowth and revitalization of damaged tissue. From this vantage point, electrospun materials can be considered scaffolds – guiding the body to heal itself.

Electrospun materials have been shown to elicit a wide range of biological benefits:

Enhanced vascularization: promote new blood vessel growth throughout the scaffold supplying new tissue with healing nutrients.

Tissue integration: integrate with existing tissue and support new tissue proliferation throughout the scaffold.

Reduced fibrotic encapsulation: decrease fibrotic scar tissue due to biomimetic architecture.

Functional tissue restoration and healing: guide formation of new, healthy tissue.

Electrospun materials offer considerable advantages over other medical materials:

Sutureless, 3D forms: avoid suturing and costly labor by direct application to metallic frames or other materials.

Low profile: thinner than typical woven and knitted textiles.

High porosity: large void volume for high compressibility and crimpability for minimally invasive implantation.

Tuneable fiber size: wide range of mechanical properties, resorption rates, and drug-elution profiles.

Despite the clear utility of medical electrospinning, the major drawback of this technology has historically been lack of consistency, lack of scalability, high scrap-rates, and prohibitively high costs. Vivolta has solved these problems with the invention of the MediSpinTM platform – the world’s first and only fully-automated, high-throughput medical electrospinning production system – delivering electrospun medical products at the consistency, scale, and price point required by the medical industry.  

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