Our Manufacturing Services

VIVOLTA’s contract manufacturing services consolidate our clients’ supply chains into a one-stop-shop for electrospun medical products and components.

On the front end, VIVOLTA can tender, establish, and manage supply contracts with biomaterials providers, and perform incoming inspection of received goods, while on the back end, VIVOLTA can fully integrate automated (laser) cutting, packaging, and labelling of electrospun medical products in its ISO13485 certified facility located in the Netherlands.

At the core of our manufacturing capabilities is the MediSpinTM platform – the world’s first and only fully-automated, high-throughput medical electrospinning production system – delivering electrospun medical products at the consistency, scale, and price point required by the medical industry. 

GBO IME_MedispinXL
Medical electrospinning illustration.

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A scientist using an electrospinning machine.

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