Innovative high-tech program puts VIVOLTA and the Netherlands on the global map

Date: 15 May 2023
Author: Noel Davison

A major milestone has been reached: the Dutch parliament approved the Next Generation Hightech program, thereby releasing €450m budget to support Dutch hightech. This program drives the development of new technologies within the Netherlands for Agrifood, Biomedicine, Material Composites, Semiconductors, and others.

VIVOLTA is an authorized participant of the Biomed04 – Artificial Organs project – which will run for 6 years. The project focuses on the development and scalable manufacturing of next generation, restorative electrospun medical implants. VIVOLTA’s role in the project will be to further expand its fully automated MediSpinTM production platform for scalable manufacturing of electrospun tubular devices such as stents and grafts in tight collaboration with the key partners within the Dutch ecosystem. VIVOLTA is energized to make it a success and fulfill our mission of delivering revolutionary electrospun medical devices that improve patients’ lives.